Onirikka Fine Jewelry Launches Its 18K Gold Frog Jewelry Collection

Onirikka Fine Jewelry Launches Its 18K Gold Frog Jewelry Collection

Onirikka Fine Jewelry Launches Its 18K Gold Frog Jewelry Collection

With their Leap Collection, Onirikka Fine Jewelry brings bright and bold to simple elegant necklaces and bracelets. Inspired by the beauty of nature's vibrant surroundings , the line of gold frog jewelry boasts both 18K gold and precious gemstone detailing. The Leap Collection by Onirikka Fine Jewelry represents sophistication and flair for edgy jewelry lovers.



Boca Raton, FL , November 5, 2019 (Newswire.com) -​​​Onirikka Fine Jewelry believes in individuality and they achieve that with their line of gold frog jewelry.  Made from 18K gold, the jewelry crafted by Onirikka is outstanding in quality and design.  Created by a jewelry designer and artist who grew up in El Savador, the frog collection at Onirikka Fine Jewelry is eye catching.  The use of bold colors and contrast makes the gold frog jewelry they sell more than just an accessory but also a conversation starter.  

Onirikka made their gold frog jewelry with a bold jewelry lover in mind.  The style of their frog bracelets are for someone that needs elegant accessories but prefers a little added pizazz.  Their frog bracelets and necklaces are simple, dainty and contemporary without compromising classic tastes.  Their frog collection  has grown popular with modern and bold professionals. 


Eloquent gold frog jewelry available at Onirikka Fine Jewelry 

Shop the gold frog jewelry line at Onirikka Fine Jewelry https://www.onirikka.com/collections or contact onirikkajewelry@gmail.com for more information.


Affectionately called the Leap collection,
https://www.onirikka.com/collections/leap-collection their gold frog jewelry line has something for everyone.  Frog charm bracelets are available for those that like to wear their bling on their arm. However, their jewelry designer did not leave out those who prefer to wear frog necklaces or rings.  All of their gold frog jewelry is made from high quality gold and gemstones.  Using enamel to accentuate her design, the artist behind Onirikka’s Leap Collection captures the vibrant energy of the frog.    





Get a frog charm bracelet from Onirikka Fine Jewelry as a reminder to take the leap.  


To turn the beauty of nature and frogs in El Salvador into a gold frog jewelry collection, Onirikka designers use meticulously sourced fine gemstones set with 18K gold.  Tasteful use of color and enamel contributes to a piece of jewelry that serves as a reminder to everyone who wears it.  According to the designer, the gold frog jewelry line she created was intended to remind the wearer that taking a leap of faith is worthwhile.  


Inspiring personal empowerment with frog bracelets 

Using clean lines and captivating colors to create a bold frog bracelet was part of the artist’s vision.  In many cultures the frog is a symbol of life and fertility.  When the artist found inspiration for her gold frog jewelry line, it was about the fearless and daring energy of frogs.  This led her to a colorful and adventurous design for the Leap Collection.  Her hope is that those who wear it are reminded of how powerful they are. 

The Leap Collection at Onirikka Fine Jewelry consist of more than frog bracelets.  The gold frog jewelry line also includes frog cufflinks, necklaces and earrings. Enamel pins and colorful frog rings are also available with the same bold style of the other gold frog jewelry in the Leap Collection.  Onirikka Fine Jewelry is made from 18K gold and gemstones that are sourced with quality in mind.  Their Leap collection is a bold choice inspired by the power a frog needs to take the leap.  Created by a top designer, the Leap collection of gold frog jewelry at Onirikka is unrivaled in it’s lines, symmetry and bold use of color.

All Onirikka Fine Jewelry Pieces are hand crafted, so there might be slight variations from one piece to another. Some of our unique pieces can be made with different stones (upon request and availability). Pieces take approximately is 4-6 weeks to be shipped and delivered.​


To shop quality gold frog jewelry or their other collections, shoppers can visit their online store at www.onirikkajewelry.com or email onirikkajewelry@gmail.com.   



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