6 Exquisite Gold Jewelry Collections by Onirikka Fine Jewelry

6 Exquisite Gold Jewelry Collections by Onirikka Fine Jewelry

6 Exquisite Gold Jewelry Collections by Onirikka Fine Jewelry

Handcrafted fine jewelry made by Onirikka Fine Jewelry adds creative flare to any style. Known for bold use of color and clean symmetrical lines, Onirikka jewelry is made with top quality craftsmanship.  Using carefully sourced gold and gemstones, their jewelry is the perfect balance between elegant and edgy.

Incorporating the style Onirikka Fine Jewelry is known for in all of their collections gives their customer simple, balanced and bold jewelry options.  Offering 6 different collections of elegant gold jewelry on their website, their team has designed a contemporary piece of jewelry that is sure help anyone who wears it express their originality.  Their jewelry is made with quality gold and precious gemstones to create an eloquent yet simple look.

Eyecatching and unique, all of the collections at Onirikka Fine Jewelry focus on simplicity, clean lines and bold use of color.  Currently they have crafted 6 collections of fine gold jewelry.  Each collection has its own inspiration and while that is clear, the influence of the artist is cohesive throughout the fine jewelry lines.  Mostly inspired by nature, the collections of gold jewelry are both classic and modern. The vibrant use of bold color coupled with the elegant simplicity of the design make all of the fine jewelry collections from Onirikka ideal for jewelry lovers.


6 collections of gold jewelry to choose from

Each piece of gold jewelry bought from Onirikka is handcrafted for the customer that ordered it.  Using a variety of gemstones and high quality gold, the designs inside each collection are bright and fun while remaining elegant and simple.  The beauty of the symmetrical lines with the colorful gemstones makes the collections of gold jewelry upbeat and exciting.  Each of the 6 collections below uses a vibrant array of colors to make a bold statement.



Inspired by the fresh feelings and natural symmetry of citrus fruit, this collection is designed with the clean lines Onirikka Fine Jewelry is known for.  The Citron collection is bursting with the vibrant colors of citrus fruit and takes care to add in the detail that makes a slice of citrus so beautiful.  Mimicking a round slice of citrus, the citron collection is bold, clean, symmetrical and stunning.  Available in this collection is a variety of styles similar to how citrus fruit is usually cut.  Earrings with slices of lime that dangle are a customer favorite in this collection.  Other customers love the necklaces and rings also offered as part of the Citron collection.



Handcrafted in 18K gold, the Finch collection is inspired by a free and bold bird.  A bright and colorful finch adorns the 18K gold jewelry in all of the pieces in the collection.  Designed to spark adventure, the Finch collection is for the constant wanderer, the one filled with adventure and the spark of life.  Enamel in vibrant colors gives the Finch collection it’s sense of excitement and joy.  Bright purple, yellow and teal help make these pieces stand out against any outfit.  With diamonds set in the place of their eyes, the tiny finch that this collection is centered around is exquisite.



The gold drop collection at Onirikka Fine Jewelry is fun and flirty.   According to the designer, this collection is all about movement.  Small gold drops dangle from beautifully crafted pieces to add movement and vivacious flare.  The gold drops move in a fun way without taking away from the classic look of the jewelry. Jewelry wearers can certainly find something they adore in the gold drop collection.  The gold drop collection includes rings, earrings and necklaces.  Among customer favorites is the gold drop mirror ring.  It’s clean lines, use of a gemstone and the delicate dangling of the gold drops has made it one of Onirikka’s most ordered products.



Made with El Salvador in mind, the leap collection was specifically designed for a bold person.  Inspired by frogs and their ability to leap with intense power and little reserve, the artist of the Leap collection hopes that the pieces will serve as a reminder to take the leap to those who wear them.  Crafted from 18K gold, enamel and precious gemstones, the Leap collection is vibrant and daring. Offered in the collection are a variety of color and gemstone combinations to choose from.  In the Leap collection, shoppers will also find a variety of types of accessories.  While many adore the frog necklaces, the frog cufflinks and earrings are also widely loved by Onirikka Fine Jewelry patrons.



Also inspired by nature is the My Lady collection.  These beautiful pieces are meant to be an eloquent representation of the lady bug.  Colors other than traditional black and red are used to add a modern touch to the jewelry.  The accessories offered in the My Lady collection are handcrafted from 18K gold and set with various colors of precious gemstones.  Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets inspired by the lady bug are available in the My Lady collection at Onirikka Fine Jewelry.



The patches collection capitalizes on the beautiful use of color and pattern to create an appealing design that is full of life.  Using gemstones, diamonds and enamel the designer of the patches collection created a colorful line of jewelry that resembles patchwork.  Bringing together color and texture in a cohesive way makes the pieces in the patches collection ideal for anyone who loves jewelry for its classic feel.


Onirikka Fine Jewelry has handcrafted several gold jewelry collections.  Using vibrant colors and bold accents, the designer of each collection focuses on detail and feeling.  Created for vibrant and bold risk takers, the jewelry at Onirikka is the perfect mix of elegant and edgy.  Each of their 6 collections contains a variety of accessories made to please jewelry lovers of all kinds.  Onirikka Fine Jewelry is known for clean symmetrical lines paired with bold but tasteful colors.  To purchase from their jewelry collections, accessory lovers should visit their online shop.


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